Our Process

Step 1 – Locate A Testing Center

Call the nearest STD testing center that you would like to visit. All the STD Testing centers in the DC area are listed on the left along with phone numbers.

Step 2 – Receive Complimentary Consultation

Receive a free a consultation from our expert sexual health counselors. Our counselors have been doing this for years and will not scare you into taking any tests that are not necessary. Based on the answers that have been provided by our patients do we only recommend the test that need to be taking. The counselor will make sure that you get into the facility of your liking on the same day.

Step 3 – Visit the testing center

Visit the testing center that was recommended by our counselor, after your phone consultation. There is no swabbing; only a small blood or urine sample will be taken. The collection process only takes 10 to 15 minutes this includes your wait time. The process is completely confidential and private. Our centers provide numerous health and wellness tests so you will be the only person who knows why you are there.

Step 4 – Receive your results

Call us 24 – 72 hours after your specimen has been collected to receive your results. If your results test positive, one of our professional counselors will discuss your treatment options with you. We also provide prescriptions for some STIs.